Sunday, July 11, 2010

complete success

If yesterday had never happened, I do not think that I would have appreciated the ease of today as much as I did.

We had a brilliantly beautiful drive (starting at 6:45 AM) up to North Creek, where we had an appointment at The Copperfield Inn.  The space is beautiful, the staff are extremely polite and friendly, and the location - while giving us quite a bit of privacy - is only about half an hour's drive from Lake George.  We loved it.  We were shown three different suites - a regular one, one with a jacuzzi, and a townhouse one that had a spiral staircase leading to a second level.  On the wedding night we would be able to stay in a suite free of charge - and if we hold the ceremony at the inn then we won't have to pay a site fee.  We were also shown three possible event rooms that we could choose from, as well as options outside.  Since we'd like to have the ceremony outside, we would have to walk across the street where there are pavilions along a river.  We were also impressed by how huge the fitness room is (even though that has nothing to do with the event).

After poking around for a bit on our own at Copperfield, we went to our next appointment at Cresthaven Lodges in Lake George.  To be honest, we'd seen this place from a boat on the lake before, and driven past it on our way to camping, and we didn't really think it was that great - but, it is much nicer once we actually drove into the location itself.  The cabins are really cute and it has a great view of the lake.  The bottom portion of the restaurant is actually right over top of the lake, so the water sloshes around under the floor - which we thought was cool.  We met with someone from the Boathouse Restaurant and discussed what our options would be.  Since our party will only be about 40-50 people, we were told that they would only be able to close down half of the restaurant for us.  We didn't really feel that this would give us the privacy that we desire, even though the space was very nice.  We also would be restricted to having the wedding in the beginning or middle of June, or September or October - neither of which are really want we want.  Because of this information, we decided not to bother looking at the lodging.

We were so smitten with Copperfield that we also decided to cancel our last appointment of the day - which would have been at the North Woods Inn.  It was really too far of a distance for us and we didn't love the place based on the website.

We got back in the car and immediately called Copperfield to reserve our date there - July 3, 2011!

Now we have to pay the deposit, figure out how many people will be coming and want to stay at the inn so that they can block out some rooms, and sign the contracts.  I'm not really sure how to go about doing this - it seems like we wouldn't really know how many people are coming and lodging until we send out the invitations a couple of months before the actual wedding.  I am going to email our contact at the inn and find out what she suggests...

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