Friday, July 30, 2010

second photographer interview: Turnquist Photography

This may sound horrible, but I liked Tiffany so much yesterday that I really wanted to hate Rebecca and Jesse of Turnquist Photography - but I couldn't do it!  (Look at their blog too - this is where they show pictures that are more like Tiffany's and more like what we want.)

They welcomed us into their beautiful home and offered us lemonade.  They had a sample DVD running on their TV the whole time, and a coffee table filled with samples for us to touch and look at.

In all honesty, their packages and pricing were almost identical to Tiffany's, so I'm not going to discuss those in this blog entry.  Although they were a little quieter and a bit more subdued in personality, we still felt that they understood our needs, cared about what we want, and would be able to produce beautiful images for us.  We would definitely recommend them to other couples looking for wedding photographers.

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