Sunday, August 22, 2010

Clothes Shopping

Since we are already married, but still want to have all of the things we missed out on when we eloped, we are going to have a photo shoot in October.  Ordinarily this would be called an engagement session, but since we don't like to do things the way the rest of the world does (and we aren't engaged) we are going to call it an "I Love You" shoot.  Our plan with our amazing photographer - Tiffany Wayne - is to shoot in an apple orchard (and doesn't everyone deserve new clothes when they are going to have professional photos taken?), so yesterday Ryan and I went clothes shopping!  I went in with a bunch of ideas for specific items, but when I actually looked at them in the stores, we didn't like them and we had to decide on something different.  I think we came up with some awesome choices that fit our personalities well!  Tiffany suggested I use shoots posted on the Green Wedding Shoes blog to get inspiration, and I chose these as my favorites:

A Fun Camping Engagement Session
A Pillow Fight in a Field of Yellow Flowers
A Romantic Engagement Session with a Piano – in a Field

We started off wanting to really dress up, but after thinking about it for awhile, we decided that our shoot might actually turn out better if we are wearing clothes that we are completely comfortable in - so we bought these:

Who wears a dress to go apple picking anyway?

PS:  I bought the same shoes in grey felt too, and I will actually wear those unless it is muddy.


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  2. Cute... I really like the pillow fight or camping ideas. They seem like you guys (especially the pillow fight one.... I can totally see you two jumping on a bed in a field!!) :)