Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love You: A photo shoot with Tiffany Wayne

What do you call an engagement photo session for people who are already married?  You call it an "I Love You" shoot of course!  That's what we did yesterday with our amazing photographer Tiffany Wayne.

In keeping with our obsession with being outdoors, Tiffany had the great idea to shoot us in an apple orchard at the peak of fall foliage in our area.  After scouting around, she came up with Indian Ladder Farms.  I had heard of it before, and I know a lot of people who enjoy picking their own apples here, so I figured it must be good... and it was!  Although, I can honestly say that I have never before seen such a wide variety of people at a farm before (and I had never seen anyone wear a dress to go apple picking until yesterday)!  In looking at past blogs I discovered that I have actually expressed my thoughts on this before!  (see "Clothes Shopping")

We were a little nervous and a lot stiff when we first got started, but Tiffany gave us a lot of directions and made it really easy for us to loosen up.  Right away we left the crowded area and found a quiet place to acclimate to our environment.  Tiffany took some photos of things around us to get started, while we doodled things that were meaningful to us on a dry-erase board (which was later used as a prop in some of the photos).  The doodling was a great idea, even if it wasn't going to be used as a prop, because it gave Ryan and I a few quiet minutes together to remember some of the things that brought us together and some of the things that we both share a love for.

We took shots all over the place on the farm for almost two hours and Tiffany allowed us to act like children (which is how we really are anyway), so we had a lot of fun... even when I got too close to a cow and it horned me in the hip bone!  Apparently those signs that say "Watch Out For Horns" aren't joking!  I can't wait to see the photos and I am really glad that we were able to have this photo shoot.  It was definitely one of the things that I feel like we missed out on when we eloped, and I have a great feeling of satisfaction that we had such an awesome time.  ♥

PS:  This place even has Fainting Goats!  Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs would love it!

photos from the Indian Ladder Farms page on Facebook


  1. All your pictures came out beautiful!!! Its crazy, I never realized, that pictures without words can tell a story. :)